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Magazine Issues

Each magazine issue will be focused on a specific theme related to mental health. We aim to educate and enlighten our readers on many intersecting topics such as politics, social reform, feminism, decolonization, etc. We believe that mental health is not just an individual issue. By understanding the ways in which mental health is affected by our political, social, and cultural systems, we can work to create a better world for future generations. 

Issue 01

Decolonizing Mental Health

Welcome to Lessons from Strangers' first issue with a central theme of "Decolonizing Mental Health". We wish to highlight the persistence of coloniality in the spaces we inhabit and keep proposing the different ways we may take in dismantling it. 

Hands from different races and different shades connecting. Symbolizes the unity between groups of people and the connection. Gold rope connectiing the fingers. Gray front cover of magazine.
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